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Miss Olga's Welcome Back Message...

Aug. 1, 2014


Dear E.A. Hall Parents and Students,


I hope that you had an exciting and loving Summer vacation.  We have been working very hard this Summer to ensure that your students will receive the best education possible. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to being your principal once again this year. Please feel free to stop by and visit with me any time as my door is always open to you.


You will be happy to find that we have three new members of our administrative team this year. Mr. Wright has taken a job as Vice Principal in Santa Cruz to be nearer to his family. Mrs. Keller has taken the job as Principal of AVCI.  And Mr. Coffey , the Academic Coordinator , has taken a job in Santa Cruz as Vice Principal of a high school. We have hired Rafael Ramirez II as Assistant Principal, Jeff Bryant as the Assistant Principal of the Extended Learning Program and Ted Altenberg as the Academic Coordinator.  Mr. Ramirez will assist teachers with discipline. This year we will again have two counselors on campus. Wendy Temblador is returning as our full-time counselor and Joann Borbolla as our Teacher Guidance/Social Emotional Counselor. They will ensure that your students are placed in the appropriate classes and that they get necessary counseling if it is needed. Brenda Guzman will be returning as your very own Parent Liaison. She will be organizing parenting classes for you and will be working closely with our School Site Council and ELAC members to establish our classes and Parent Volunteer Center. Martha Garcia is returning as our Student Data Information Assistant. This wonderful team, along with Lupe Herrera, our office manager, Diana Martinez, the Attendance Specialist, June Landacre, Library Media Tech, and a staff of wonderful teachers, will ensure that you are welcome at E. A. Hall .


If you have not signed up your student for the Extended Learning After School program, please sign your student up as soon as you can and stop by to meet Mr. Bryant! We will be offering many important classes to help your students reach their potential in student achievement. We have also received a music grant that will sponsor our Falcon Choir and will provide Keyboarding classes to our students.


As we look at the beginning of the year, we continue to build on the wonderful opportunities that our School Improvement Grant that has allowed us. We continue to have an eight period day that makes it possible for your students to take enrichment classes in PE, art, technology and drama. Like last year we will continue to trust our students and their parents to follow a Dress Code. Please look at the Student/Parent Handbook in the School Planner or on the Edward A Hall website for details. Remember, students must dress appropriately and respectfully. NO GANG COLORS ARE ALLOWED!  Also, please report any bullying on our website!


We will continue with our LIFESKILLs and hope that your students have used them over the Summer at home with you ! We have refined our Discipline System and will be sharing it with you at our Back to School Night on September 11th at 6 p.m., or you can read it on our website at www.eahall.pvusd.net .


In order to help your student to stay organized, your student needs to be at school by 7:50 am every morning and will be released at 3:02 p.m. It is suggested that your student arrive by 7:50 daily. Please help your student with the Life Skill of caring and Responsibility by helping him/her arrive on time, and come prepared and has his or her homework done. We will need you to use your LIFESKILLs  of Caring and Responsibility to assure that your child comes to school on time to school EVERY DAY !  Teachers offer office hours after school until 3:30 if your student needs extra help or if you need to speak with them.


First day of classes will be Aug. 18th.  The bell will ring at 7:55 a.m.


Registration Evenings: from 4:00-7:00 PM

6th Grade: August 12th

7th Grade: August 13th

8th Grade: August 14th

We are inviting you to a mandatory enrollment/information night in order for you to fill out the following papers . It is your responsibility to come on your grade level night and sign the necessary papers for your student and receive his or her schedule, get questions answered and be off to a smooth start to a new year :  

Bell Schedule, School Calendar, Maps , Academic Schedules

Emergency Card

Attendance Form and procedures

Internet Use Form/Publication Form

Form that indicates that you are aware of the Discipline Policy and Anti Bully Policy

Medical forms: Authorization

Parent Involvement Policy/ Parent Compact

List of First Day of School Supplies

Yearbook envelope deposit 

PE Uniforms Purchase

Any other forms in the packet


Please be sure that you ALWAYS update your phone with us and that you keep informed of events at our school. Make sure that your students’ vaccinations are current. We love having you on campus. Come to volunteer ! We need you ! 

 Here is a friendly reminder for the rest of the school year : All of this is outlined in your students’ planner. They will all be receiving a free one the first time . Replacements are $5.00.


IMPORTANT:  We will have supervision for students by 7:45 a.m. PLEASE do not send your child prior to 7:50 a.m. unless they are in a special program before school.  

Are their restructured days (minimum days)?

Yes.  We are calling these days Modified Wednesday’s.  The schedule for these days will be 7:55 a.m.-12:47 p.m.  Please ensure that your child is picked up no later than 12:47 p.m.

Supervision will be 7:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

When will the E.A. Hall main office be open?

The main offices are open from 7:40 a.m.-3:45 p.m.  

My Student is in the SDC Classes. If he takes the bus, does he/she have to? Yes . They must behave themselves on the bus or will lose the right to ride the bus.


Again, you may go to the E. A. Hall website at: www.eah.pvusd.net. Also, please go to SCHOOLOOP daily to check your student’s grades, homework and to communicate with their teachers and principal! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment to talk with Miss Olga, Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Bryant and remember to Keep Peace in Your Hearts!




Olga de Santa Anna


Olga de Santa Anna      Rafael Ramirez -II                      Jeff Bryant

           Principal                            Assistant Principal        Assistant Principal Extended Learning


Student Supplies required for the 2014-2015 School Year

This is a list of supplies that each student will need as an E.A. Hall Falcon:

1. A 3-ring binder at least 1.5 inches wide

2. A supply of lined paper

3. A set of dividers for separating school work by class

4. A plastic zippered pouch for holding pencils, pens & erasers

5.  Blue or black ink pens and pencils

All items can be purchased at Target, Kmart, or Staples.

For all P.E. classes, students will need the following items (which can be purchased in their P.E. class):

6. An E.A. Hall t-shirt ($8) with the student's name written on the front, and blue cotton shorts ($10) or nylon mesh shorts ($12) or sweatpants ($15).

7. White athletic socks and athletic shoes (which can be purchased at department or sporting goods stores).

PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY: Pertussis (whooping Cough) outbreak in Santa Cruz County

Read Every Night!

Read for at least 30 minutes every day after school.  Then write a 3-sentence summary of what you read in your Planner.  Don't forget to include the title and author.  Finally, get it signed.  If you are reading in the After School Program, have your teacher sign it.  



Posted by: Philip Halbig
Published: 9/6/14

Cross-Country Final Meet (Mon 10/6/2014)

Anthologies Have Arrived!

The 2013-2014 Anthology of Student Work (aka yearbook) has arrived! Stay tuned for information on picking up the book you've already purchased, and information on how you can buy one now.

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education has created a Student Support Resources Directory, which can be found at www.sccstudentresources.org/

Working the Rotary Club Burger Booth, Santa Cruz County Fair, Sunday 9/14/2014

Congratulations New Student Council!

The Following students were elected to student council for the 14/15 school year:

1. President: Karina Bautista

2. Vice-President: Jennifer Vazquez

3. Secretary: Isaac Rocha

4. Treasurer: Alison Ramirez

Please congratulate these students and we look forward to their leadership next year!

Activities and Events

Today: 10/31/14

Kudos Korner!

Positive Unity

Ask for help! We are her for YOU (plus, at some level, we're pretty cool, too...) Unity-37.jpg Unity-38.jpg Unity-40.jpg Unity-41.jpg Unity-42.jpg Unity-43.jpg Unity-44.jpg Unity-45.jpg Unity-46.jpg Unity-47.jpg Unity-48.jpg Unity-49.jpg Unity-50.jpg Unity-51.jpg Unity-52.jpg Unity-53.jpg Unity-54.jpg Unity-55.jpg Unity-56.jpg Unity-57.jpg Unity-58.jpg Unity-59.jpg Unity-60.jpg Unity-61.jpg Unity-62.jpg Unity-63.jpg Unity-64.jpg Unity-65.jpg Unity-66.jpg Unity-67.jpg Unity-68.jpg Unity-69.jpg Unity-70.jpg Unity-71.jpg Unity-72.jpg Unity-73.jpg Unity-74.jpg Unity-75.jpg Unity-76.jpg Unity-77.jpg Unity-78.jpg Unity-79.jpg Unity-80.jpg Unity-81.jpg Unity-82.jpg Unity-83.jpg Unity-84.jpg Unity-85.jpg Unity-86.jpg Unity-87.jpg Unity-89.jpg Unity-90.jpg Unity-91.jpg Unity-92.jpg Unity-93.jpg Unity-94.jpg Unity-95.jpg Unity-96.jpg Unity-97.jpg Unity-98.jpg Unity-99.jpg Unity-100.jpg Unity-101.jpg Unity-102.jpg Unity-103.jpg Unity-104.jpg Unity-105.jpg Unity-106.jpg Unity-107.jpg Unity-108.jpg Unity-109.jpg Unity-110.jpg Unity-111.jpg Unity-112.jpg Unity-113.jpg Unity-114.jpg Unity-115.jpg Unity-1.jpg Unity-2.jpg Unity-3.jpg Unity-4.jpg Unity-5.jpg Unity-6.jpg Unity-7.jpg Unity-8.jpg Unity-9.jpg Unity-10.jpg Unity-11.jpg Unity-12.jpg Unity-13.jpg Unity-14.jpg Unity-15.jpg Unity-16.jpg Unity-17.jpg Unity-18.jpg Unity-19.jpg Unity-20.jpg Unity-21.jpg Unity-22.jpg Unity-23.jpg Unity-24.jpg Unity-25.jpg Unity-26.jpg Unity-27.jpg Unity-28.jpg Unity-29.jpg Unity-30.jpg Unity-31.jpg Unity-32.jpg Unity-33.jpg Unity-34.jpg Unity-35.jpg Unity-36.jpg

The Peace & Unity Coalition invites you to a Community Forum on Justice, Compassion & Hope. Wednesday October 15, 6:00-8:30 pm here at E. A. Hall Middle School. (Click on the images below to see the fliers enlarged.)