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Dear families,

As you know, we are not using gowns.

Our students abide by the following dress code for middle school promotion ceremonies:


Gentlemen: dockers or similar style pants; button down shirt with tie or guayabera. No red/burgundy and no blue attire or accessories.


Ladies: Summer style dress with sleeves or straps (no strapless dresses); flat or wedge shoes (no heels). No excessive cleavage and no midriff; skirts no shorter than two inches above the knee. No red/burgundy and no blue attire or accessories.


Class materials:

  1. A three ring binder at least 1.5 – 2 inches wide.
  2. A supply of lined binder paper.
  3. A set of dividers for separating school work by class or subject.
  4. Composition book for Science
  5. Notebook for Math
  6. A plastic zippered pouch for holding pencils, pens, erasers.
  7. Three no. 2 pencils. 
  8. Three blue or black ink pens.
  9. Covered pencil sharpener.
  10. One eraser
  11. One ruler
  12. Small set of color pencils, markers or crayons.

PE materials:

  1. Buy these items in PE class:   An E. A. Hall t-shirt with student’s name written on the front ($8), nylon mesh shorts ($12) or long pants ($15) and a lock ($5.00)
  2. Buy these items at the store: White athletic socks and athletic shoes with laces. 



    Materiales para las clases:

  1. Una carpeta de tres anillas de por lo menos 1.5 or 2 pulgadas de anchura.
  2. Papel para la carpeta.
  3. Divisores para separar el trabajo escolar por materia o clase.
  4. Cuaderno para Ciencias.
  5. Cuaderno para Matemáticas
  6. Una bolsita de plástico con cremallera para colocar los materiales pequeños.
  7. Tres lápices del nº 2. 
  8. Tres plumas azules o negras.
  9. Un sacapuntas con cubierta.
  10. Un borrador o goma de borrar.
  11. Una regla
  12. Un juego pequeño de lápices de colores, marcadores o crayolas


    Para gimnasia:

    1. Compre estos artículos en la clase de Educación Física en EAHMS:   Una camiseta de E. A. Hall con el nombre escrito enfrente  ($8), pantalones cortos de maya de nylon ($12) o pantalones largos ($15) y un candado ($5) 

    2. Compre estos artículos en la tienda: Calcetines atléticos blancos y zapatillas de deportes/tenis atléticos con agujetas. 

8th Science: Newton Vehicles!

Mr. Rubio's science students have built and are racing their "Newton Vehicles," model cars powered by mechanical forces such as rubber bands, balloons, mouse traps, etc. Here are a few pics from today's races.





PVUSD 1:1 Chromebooks Celebrated Online

This great video is about Bradley Elementary, but could be about E. A. Hall MS as well!


PVUSD Students Shine at Student-to-Student Conference

Students from several PVUSD schools were among the participants at Saturday's seventh annual Student-to-Student Conference. E. A. Hall's Academic Coordinator Ted Altenberg and PVUSD GATE and VAPA Coordinator Lyn Olson are the co-chairs of the organizing committee for this wonderful annual event, which is like a "mini-TED Talks for kids." Students in grades 3-12 present 15-minute workshops on any subject at all. The conference is held at Cowell College, UCSC.

Read more about it in the Santa Cruz Sentinelwww.santacruzsentinel.com/social-affairs/20150516/event-at-uc-santa-cruz-teaches-confidence-exploring-education

Climate Change Videos

Check out the awesome videos created by PVUSD students about climate change! Find them at climatechangeaction2015.wordpress.com/.

Here's the Grand Prize Winner:


College-Ready 7th Graders

From The Santa Cruz Sentinel (3/21/15):

"A sea change is happening in Santa Cruz County schools: Students are preparing for college at an earlier age, and the results are showing. Half of the county’s seventh-graders, 1,400 students, attended a summit on college eligibility requirements Friday at UC Santa Cruz. … In April, the rest of the county’s seventh-graders will attend a similar event at CSU Monterey Bay."

E. A. Hall MS 7th graders will be taking part in the April field trip to CSUMB, on Friday April 24. More information coming soon. Learn more about the Countywide Santa Cruz County College Commitment ("S4C"), a collaboration of educators started in 2011 and sponsored by the County Office of Education, at their website, www.sccommits.org. Learn more about CSUMB at their website, www.csumb.edu. Read the Sentinel article at www.santacruzsentinel.com/social-affairs/20150320/santa-cruz-county-seventh-graders-learn-college-planning.

EAHMS in the News!

6th grade teacher Jeff DeMarco's class wins county-wide Sumdog Math Comeptition Register - Pajaronian 2-28-15

Congratulations to the Mathematics students of 6th grade teacher Jeff DeMarco! This was on the front page of the Saturday February 28, 2015 edition of the Register Pajaronian. Another picture at www.register-pajaronian.com/ v2_news_articles.php?heading=0&story_id=18056&page=72

Please be patient; the slideshow below takes a minute to load…


Activities and Events

Today: 8/22/17


Our mission is to inspire students to become independent, passionate, lifelong learners. We provide students skills and opportunities to become positive contributors to society.

Nuestra misión es inspirar a nuestros estudiantes a ser independientes, apasionados y aprendices de por vida. Proveemos a los estudiantes con la habilidad y la oportunidad de convertirse en contribuyentes positivos en nuestra sociedad.

10 Years Later

To complete the "Ten Years Later" Letter to a Friend, open this letter template, make your own copy of it, and then replace the blanks as you wish to write a letter to an old friend — pretending that you and your friend both graduated high school 10 years ago.

Free Homework Help and More! At Youth Now Center


Located at 15 Madison Street —around the corner from EAHMS— students in grades 6–8 can enjoy no-cost after school program. Our program features low student to adult ratios, homework help, free healthy snacks, recreation activities, enrichment options and one on one tutoring.

Hours of operation are from Monday–Thursday 3–5:30 pm. Learn more at www.youthnowcenter.org/inspire/middle-school/ or www.youthnowcenter.org.


Read Important Policies dealing with Discrimination,Sexual and other Harassment 


Ed100 is a new website for parents and others, to help people understand and get involved with their local schools. Find it at www.ed100.org y en español a www.ed100.org/es/.

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education has created a Student Support Resources Directory, which can be found at www.sccstudentresources.org/

Kudos Korner!

Positive Unity

Ask for help! We are her for YOU (plus, at some level, we're pretty cool, too...) Unity-37.jpg Unity-38.jpg Unity-40.jpg Unity-41.jpg Unity-42.jpg Unity-43.jpg Unity-44.jpg Unity-45.jpg Unity-46.jpg Unity-47.jpg Unity-48.jpg Unity-49.jpg Unity-50.jpg Unity-51.jpg Unity-52.jpg Unity-53.jpg Unity-54.jpg Unity-55.jpg Unity-56.jpg Unity-57.jpg Unity-58.jpg Unity-59.jpg Unity-60.jpg Unity-61.jpg Unity-62.jpg Unity-63.jpg Unity-64.jpg Unity-65.jpg Unity-66.jpg Unity-67.jpg Unity-68.jpg Unity-69.jpg Unity-70.jpg Unity-71.jpg Unity-72.jpg Unity-73.jpg Unity-74.jpg Unity-75.jpg Unity-76.jpg Unity-77.jpg Unity-78.jpg Unity-79.jpg Unity-80.jpg Unity-81.jpg Unity-82.jpg Unity-83.jpg Unity-84.jpg Unity-85.jpg Unity-86.jpg Unity-87.jpg Unity-89.jpg Unity-90.jpg Unity-91.jpg Unity-92.jpg Unity-93.jpg Unity-94.jpg Unity-95.jpg Unity-96.jpg Unity-97.jpg Unity-98.jpg Unity-99.jpg Unity-100.jpg Unity-101.jpg Unity-102.jpg Unity-103.jpg Unity-104.jpg Unity-105.jpg Unity-106.jpg Unity-107.jpg Unity-108.jpg Unity-109.jpg Unity-110.jpg Unity-111.jpg Unity-112.jpg Unity-113.jpg Unity-114.jpg Unity-115.jpg Unity-1.jpg Unity-2.jpg Unity-3.jpg Unity-4.jpg Unity-5.jpg Unity-6.jpg Unity-7.jpg Unity-8.jpg Unity-9.jpg Unity-10.jpg Unity-11.jpg Unity-12.jpg Unity-13.jpg Unity-14.jpg Unity-15.jpg Unity-16.jpg Unity-17.jpg Unity-18.jpg Unity-19.jpg Unity-20.jpg Unity-21.jpg Unity-22.jpg Unity-23.jpg Unity-24.jpg Unity-25.jpg Unity-26.jpg Unity-27.jpg Unity-28.jpg Unity-29.jpg Unity-30.jpg Unity-31.jpg Unity-32.jpg Unity-33.jpg Unity-34.jpg Unity-35.jpg Unity-36.jpg

S4C 7th Grade Survey

7th graders: go to sccommits.org/7thGradePreSurvey and take the survey!