Counseling Resources

Counselors on Campus

Academic Counselor:

Wendy Temblador

Migrant Counselor:

Patricia Unruhe

Social - Emotional Counselor:

Veronica Hernandez

PVPSA Counselors:

Gail Joseph

Jonathon Rank

Walter Orion

Carrie Woods

Other People on Campus Who Can Help

Cervero, Adelina Principal
Ferreira, Hilary ex.4097 English Learner Specialist
Harrah, David Assistant Principal
Martinez, Diana (831) 728-6270 ex.4078 Attendance Specialist
Yoro, Ashley (831) 728-6270 ex.4092 Health Care Services

School Psychologist:

Ms. Karrie West


The Santa Cruz County Office of Education has created a Student Support Resources Directory, which can be found at